Every week in form time there is a day dedicated to Numeracy at our school. I have designed a series of activities for form tutors to do with students during this time. They are designed to take around 5-10 minutes and to be age appropriate for any year. The ones below are specifically linked to PE and how Numeracy is used within it.

Olympic Themed Activities

Following the Rio Olympics @MissWillisMaths suggested I created some form time activities linking the Olympic sports and Mathematics. 

Swimming - the relevance of rounding:

Thanks to @bobloch for sharing the article that inspired this activity. In this activity students are encouraged to think about limits of accuracy and rounding - and how this is relevant to the distances and time measurements in swimming.

>Download Swimming - the relevance of rounding here

Diving - how does the scoring work?

While watching the diving at the Olympics I looked up how the scoring worked, and found it quite interesting. Particularly how not all the judges scores are used. This activity encourages students to work out the total scores for different dives based on what each judge scored. 

>Download Diving - how does the scoring work? here

Men's gymnastics - scoring the Pommel Horse

As with many of the gymnastic events, the pommel horse has 2 scores: one for execution and one for difficulty. I was intrigued as to how the difficulty score was calculated. This activity allows students to calculate the difficulty rating for the event.

>Download Men;s gymnastics - scoring the Pommel Horse here

Track - The fastest man alive

This activity looks at Usain Bolt's 100m times since 2008 and questions whether he was right to make 2016 his last Olympics. 

>Download Track - the fastest man alive here

Trampoline - areas involved

The jumping zone on a trampoline is confined to a small central area. This activity looks at the areas involved on a trampoline (through estimation) and encourages students to think about everyday objects around them with similar dimensions.

>Download Trampoline - areas involved here

Taekwondo - scoring a match

There are 4 different ways to score points in Taekwondo. This activity looks at the different ways a winning score could have been achieved.

>Download Taekwondo - scoring a match here

Hockey - the importance of probability

Knowing what your opponent in any sport is likely to do next gives you a massive advantage. This activity looks at how probability can be used to determine the likelihood of things happening in a game of hockey.

>Download Hockey - the importance of probability here

Other activities

These activities are general ones that covered some early thoughts I had on the relevance of numbers within sport:

Football - a game of chance?

This activity looks at how probability is relevant in analysing performance in football.

>Download "Football - a game of chance?" here 

Money in Football

This activity looks at the salaries involved in football in the premiership.

>Download Money in Football here


This activity looks at how the different averages can be used in analysing performance in sport and fitness.

>Download "Averages" here