Following a CPD I facilitated in school on developing Numeracy Across the Curriculum, a member of our PE department expressed his frustration in students' basic inability to estimate distances or speeds. He talked about how few students had any concept of how far 10 metres was, or how to judge where half way or a third of the distance between two points was. We therefore decided to come up with a lesson that would help students develop these skills.

This first activity is designed to be done in a classroom -  a second one will follow soon that is designed to be done outside/ in a sports hall.

It is called... A Mathematical Question of Sport

>Download the PowerPoint here

>Download the Data Collection Sheet here

Students take part in a series of challenges (in teams) designed to test their ability to judge distances, speeds and times. They then get the chance to analyse the data they collect from each team and to see how their class averages compare to other classes across the year group.