As the Numeracy Coordinator for our school I have the challenge of getting form tutors to carry out weekly Numeracy activities with their forms. In the past I have created a wide range of activities linked into different curriculum areas as well as fun quizzes on famous Mathematicians and the like - you can have a look at these on other parts of the website.

This year my mission is, however, to improve the understanding of mathematical vocabulary among our students. I have therefore started creating weekly activities for form time with an emphasis on doing just that. 

They are very much a work in progress, but ideas so far have included a series of activities based around using mathematical vocabulary to form and answer questions.

<Download the "Forming Questions" form time activities here>

I have also begun to create activities including word searches

<Download the Number Operations word search here>

<Download the Properties of Shapes word search here>

and anagram activities.

<Download the Mathematical Equipment Anagrams activity here>

<Download the Names of 2D Shapes Anagrams activity here>

<Download the Transformations Anagrams activity here>

<Download the Charts and Graphs Anagrams activity here>

I am going to keep adding to these week by week as I create them so keep checking back. If you have any ideas or feedback I would love to hear from you! @MrsHsNumeracy