Having just finished a mammoth set of marking (end of year exam papers) I realised that students were losing marks again and again on the same errors - all to do with not understanding what the question was asking them to do. This first set of posters are a reflection on some of the most common errors that sprang to mind based on my latest marking and feedback. I hope to add more posters soon so please do get in touch if you have suggestions.

>Download the Top Tips for Literacy in Mathematics posters here (Set 1)

I was fortunate enough to be work closely with Allison Cowan (@MrsCLiteracy) while I was on the Teaching Leaders program. Allison has done some amazing work at the Manchester Health Academy developing literacy across all subjects. She came up with the idea of developing posters to support students understanding of key exam vocabulary across the curriculum. I developed these posters based on her idea to support students to see how the words that come up in Maths exams link in with exam vocabulary in other subjects.

Feedback, as always, is very welcome.

>Download the exam literacy posters here