As lead teachers of Numeracy across the Tameside Secondary Schools we are sharing resources designed to support students gain the Numeracy skills they need to be successful in life.

Resources will be added here as they become available. Some of these have been created by teachers in Tameside, others have been found online. Credit has been given whereever the author is known.

Reading Meters

Often a stumbling block for students on exam questions as teachers can fail to explicitally teach

I created this activity to provide a brief introduction as to how to read meters at home.

>Download reading meters here


These resources were created and shared by chukieirish on TES and adapted by Catryn Swift from Audenshaw.

 Planning a trip

These resources were created and shared by Maria Griffin from St Thomas More. They support students to work together to plan a Geography Field Trip.

>Download the flipchart file here

>Download the Numerical skills worksheet here

>Download the Graphical skills worksheet here

>Download the Statistical skills worksheet here

>Download the Pupil Booklet here


Nick Trimble from St Damians has been working on producing resources to support students to improve their estimation skills in everyday life.

>Download the first estimation resource here

>Download the second estimation resource here

Pay slips

Jessica Perry from Audenshaw kindly shared these resources she developed looking at pay slips.

>Download the payslps and overtime Powerpoint here

>Download the payslips Spreadsheet here


Alyce Whitehead from West Hill has very kindly shared this activity involving using timetables to plan a trip to the Manchester Markets.

>Download the Manchester markets activity here