Every week in form time there is a day dedicated to Numeracy at our school. I have designed a series of activities for form tutors to do with students during this time. They are designed to take around 5-10 minutes and to be age appropriate for any year. The ones below are general ones, not linked to specific subjects.

Numeracy activities to develop understanding of time

Several students at my secondary school seem to often have a surprising lack of understanding when it comes to solving problems with time. These activities are designed to support students to solve simple problems with time, including opportunities to use bus and train timetables. There are six activitie in total - each designed to take between 5 and 10 minutes.

>Download the numeracy activities involving time here

Numeracy skills for life (with a bit of a summer feel)

These 6 form time activities look at how we might use numeracy skills to help us in everyday situations, from planning how to see different bands at Glastobury to working with foreign currency. They are all designed to be done in a form time period - but the ideas could easily be expanded for longer periods of time.

>Download the numeracy skills for life form time activities here

Predicting percentages

These 5 form time activities encourage students to think about what different sizes of percentages mean in reality, and how to work out what percentage one quantity is of another. They look at a range of themes including predicting what percentage of a form like different football teams, what percentage like to dab and what percentage can bottle flip. Just the current trends in our school - but very easy to change to suit the interests of your students.

>Download the predicting percentages form time activities here

Finding Averages

I designed this activity to help our students think about what averages are and of course to reinforce the different types of averages and how to calculate them. There are 8 weeks worth of activities in the PowerPoint. They look at all kinds of data, ranging from how long students spend on their phones each day to how long they spend on their Maths homework each week.

>Download Finding averages here

Other activities

>Download Number puzzles in newspapers here

>Download Mixing hair dye here

>Download Noughts and Crosses here

>Download Drawing Pie Charts here

>Download the supporting Notebook file for Drawing Pie Charts here

>Download Percentages of Amounts here

>Download Word Games here