Every week in form time there is a day dedicated to Numeracy at our school. I have designed a series of activities for form tutors to do with students during this time. They are designed to take around 5-10 minutes and to be age appropriate for any year. The ones below are specifically linked to Science and how Numeracy is used within it.

I have been talking to our science department a lot recently, and many are frustrated by issues that their students have applying mathematical knowledge within science. With the new GCSE science examinations requiring a much greater ability to apply Mathematics, the ability of students to transfer their knowledge from the Mathematics classroom to the science one is becoming increasingly important.

The following activities are based around the main areas highlighted by our science department for the development of numeracy skills in their subject. They take the form of mini-quizzes and have been made simple enough so that a form tutor with limited science knowledge should be able to run the activity. As always feedback is very welcome @MrsHsNumeracy

1) Standard Form

>Download the standard form quiz here

2) Percentages

>Download the percentages quiz here

3) Rearranging equations

>Download the rearranging equations quiz here

4) Scales on axes

>Download the scales on axes quiz here

5) Lines of best fit

>Download the lines of best fit quiz here

I also made a correlation activity a while ago that I am including here too.

>Download "Correlation" here

6) Interpreting data

>Download the interpreting data quiz here

I additionally made some form activities based on some resources on Data Representation that the National Stem Centre have put together. If you haven't already signed up to their website, I would definitely recommend doing so. 

>Go to the Data Representation resources on the National Stem Centre Website