This year I decided to go out of my comfort zone and volunteer to lead whole school assemblies. Following a little bit of research it seemed my best shot at success (bearing in mind any assembly would be based on Numeracy in some way) was to:

  • Involve a little bit of student engagement via a bit of a competition or quiz at the start
  • Let the assembly run like a story I was telling the year group
  • Finish with a short engaging video clip

The Man Who Knew Infinity Assembly

My first assembly was on the life of Ramanujan - the timing nicely coinciding with the film about his life coming out at the cinema. Based on the feedback I have had it went down very well. Over 80% of students said they enjoyed it, and 100% of teachers rated it as a good, inspiring assembly.


It took the form of a mini-quiz about famous Mathematicians (with some small chocolate related prizes for those who guessed correctly)

>Download the quiz clue cards here

>Download the PowerPoint for the assembly here

This was then followed by me leading students through the story of the life of Ramanujan, finishing with me showing the trailer for the film.

>Download the cue cards for the assembly here

(A * indicates when the PowerPoint should be advanced)

More assemblies to follow as I develop them.