With the new emphasis on programming coming into KS3 in schools students are having to learn how to use Binary in programming. I created this activity to be done in our Year 8 Maths lessons to support the ICT department with the work they were doing. It is in the form of a murder mystery.

The first part of the activity looks at how we can create pictures using Binary Code. The second part then explores how we can write numbers and the alphabet using Binary.

Ideally use the Notebook file or PowerPoint to help go through it with the class, but with a more able group you may be able to just let them get on with it once you've explained how to do the Binary Pictures. There is also  a hint sheet explaining how Binary numbers work.

The support sheets are for weaker students and give the correct dimensions for the frames for the pictures and, for the large picture, organise the strings of numbers row by row to help students keep track of where they are up to.

>Download the PowerPoint for Binary Ciphers here


>Download the notebook file for Binary Ciphers here

>Download the student sheet here

>Download the student sheet for lower ability students here

>Download the support sheet for Binary Pictures (with the grids already given) here

>Download the hint sheet on Binary here

>Download the completed Binary Alphabet here

>Download the completed solution for the large picture here