Every week in form time there is a day dedicated to Numeracy at our school. I have designed a series of activities for form tutors to do with students during this time. They are designed to take around 5-10 minutes and to be age appropriate for any year. The ones below are specifically linked to Humanities and how Numeracy is used within it.

>Download "Reading Triangular Graphs" here

>Download "Population Density" here

>Download "Reading Pie Charts - Employment Types" here

>Download "Reading scales on Maps" here

>Download "Timelines" here

>Download "Interpreting graphs" here

>Download "Reading bar charts" here

>Download "Dates in History" here

>Download "Maths in Ancient Egypt" here

>Download "Roman Numerals" here

>Download "Climate Graphs" here

>Download "Code Breaking in Ancient Rome" here