Every week in form time there is a day dedicated to Numeracy at our school. I have designed a series of activities for form tutors to do with students during this time. They are designed to take around 5-10 minutes and to be age appropriate for any year. 

These first 6 activities are ones I have recently adapted to cover the Numeracy requirements of the Citizenship curriculum. They involve a mixture of mini-quizzes and activities that can be projected for students to work on while other tasks are taking place. 

>Download the APR quiz here

>Download the Family budgets quiz here

>Download the methods of payment quiz here

>Download the clever consumer problems here

>Download the personal budget problem here

>Download the managing risk problem here

The activities that follow are from previous years and duplicate some of the topics covered in the above 6. 

>Download APR - what is it and how does it affect us here

>Download planning a budget here

>Download planning a family budget here

>Download managing risk - stocks, shares and investments here

>Download different methods of payments - advantages and disadvantages here

>Download being a clever consumer here

>Download Investment Banking here

>Download Christmas Spending here

>Download Playing the Lottery here